Scores and Comments

City of Cocoa Beach

Application Details

Proposal TypeCultural Facilities - New Construction
Request Amount
Total Score840.000
Average Score84.000

Panelist Scores

Panelist ScopeOfWork MatchingFunds ProjectImpact Total
Benson Lois 25 20 25 70
Davis LaVon Bracy 23 25 31 79
Deratany Tim 28 28 40 96
Dickenson Katharine 26 28 36 90
Fraser Towson 26 26 32 84
Lochrie Glenn 23 27 24 74
McMath Hope 22 22 35 79
Olson Terry 25 25 35 85
Townsend Kathryn 27 27 35 89
Williams Pat 28 28 38 94


Benson Lois - Score: 70.000
This is a really cool concept. I would love to support it. I think arts agencies are at their best when the look outside of their usual medium. However this is one government requesting a grant from another government without any demonstration of community support.
Davis LaVon Bracy - Score: 79.000

It would have been nice to see a picture of exactly what this wall/gallery would look like. I am having a hard time visualizing this project. Pictures help with grant review. The need is present but satisfactory at best. No mention of underserved or local artistic partnerships.

Deratany Tim - Score: 96.000
Interesting concept, could be the wave of the future!
Dickenson Katharine - Score: 90.000

This grant is very unique. In reading Cultural Facilities Grants since 2000 I have never seen anything like the Public Art Gallery fashioned from a Parking Garage wall. How clever.

The explanation of the process to create this interesting Art Gallery was well done. Also I very much like Cocoa Beach hiring an Arts Professional to curate exhibitions.

Clearly there is a need for some kind of Cultural Facility in Cocoa Beach. I like the family friendly concept.

Fraser Towson - Score: 84.000
{No comments provided.}
Lochrie Glenn - Score: 74.000
There was mention of community support but that was not shown in the application. Needed more letters of support or actual numbers from surveys and polls. Why is this request for the garage portion of the project and not the main art gallery? This space seems like a display window more than a gallery. Does space allow for artist openings? Will people be able to get into space freely? More design sketches were needed to understand the space. Why no corporate sponsorships? Naming rights to space? The Need for Project statement spoke of the general need of art spaces in Cocoa Beach but not to the need for this project. And again if public space is needed, will this space be accessible to the public at all times? This grant would have benefited from estimates of the impact. How many will more visitors come if the project is complete? Measurable outcomes and goals are always encouraged.
McMath Hope - Score: 79.000

I appreciate the integration of arts and culture into the larger City project.

What was the result of the bond request?

Would like to have seen additional donors to the project.  I appreciate the recognition that donors can play a role in funding exhibitions and programs once the space is open, but it seems appropriate to have sought out individual and corporate funders even at this phase.

Partners in the project are listed under "Need" and there is budgeted a part time exhibition curator within the City, but the plan seems more ambitious than the human and financial resources being put toward annual operations. $50k for the position, exhibition costs, marketing, and programming seems too low.  A $20k position to oversee the proposed program and things like only $1600 in exhibition labor costs and $600 to do an opening event seem unreasonable.  I realize this is a capital grant request, but as it is for a new entity these are critical questions to the longer term sustainability of the space.

Will this space truly meet the standards to secure exhibitions like the Woodhead Collection and the Butcher show?

There is discussion in the grant about lectures and programming around the exhibition, but the drawings show an exhibition space about as wide as a parking space.  How and where will those programs take place?



Olson Terry - Score: 85.000

Is this just a chance for the City to get Arts money to help build their parking garage?

A letter of support from Art Studios indicates that it is a nonprofit gallery, but you state that there are no public art galleries.  Can you explain?

Townsend Kathryn - Score: 89.000
Great idea partnering with the Brevard TDC but very curious that you have no letter of support from them or local officials or surrounding businesses impacted by this addition to the downtown scape.
Williams Pat - Score: 94.000
{No comments provided.}