Scores and Comments

tag! Children's Museum of St. Augustine

Application Details

Proposal TypeCultural Facilities - New Construction
Request Amount
Total Score819.000
Average Score81.900

Panelist Scores

Panelist ScopeOfWork MatchingFunds ProjectImpact Total
Benson Lois 25 25 30 80
Davis LaVon Bracy 30 30 30 90
Deratany Tim 26 18 36 80
Dickenson Katharine 30 23 32 85
Fraser Towson 29 24 35 88
Lochrie Glenn 23 23 34 80
McMath Hope 27 26 32 85
Olson Terry 26 23 37 86
Townsend Kathryn 25 18 30 73
Williams Pat 18 23 31 72


Benson Lois - Score: 80.000
I love the concept. The requested amount is $500,00, and you list only $125,000 in matching funds. Does that qualify? Land acquisition in the amount of $800,00 in-kind match. The property was donated in 2016. I do not believe this grant qualifies to our guidelines because in-kind donations are limited to 50% of the match.
Davis LaVon Bracy - Score: 90.000

There is some confusion with the match and in kind support. The application does not seem to read as a 2:1 match. The free initiatives are fantastic. The partnerships with the local community arts groups and the serving of the underserved is commendable.

Deratany Tim - Score: 80.000
{No comments provided.}
Dickenson Katharine - Score: 85.000

I think a children's museum is needed in NE Florida and the concept is excellent. Tag has good local support and the beginnings of an Endowment although no number was mentioned.  However I am confused by the match and some of the other numbers including the over 1.2 million is support and revenue from last year. What is that, fundraising? What exists on the property now and what will be on the adjacent 2 acres? This grant is a bit unclear.


Fraser Towson - Score: 88.000
{No comments provided.}
Lochrie Glenn - Score: 80.000
Has construction begun? The application mentions phase 1 to start summer 2017. The application narrative confused me and the support materials gave details on phase 1 but not phase 1A specifically. Same with the Project, Financial and Environmental impact statements, they were generally about the overall project not specific to Phase 1A. This grant would have benefited from estimates of the impact. What are the projected ticket sales? How many visitors will come if the project is complete? Measurable outcomes and goals are always encouraged. Was reduction of the purchase price an in-kind donation or an Irrevocable pledge? In-kind donations are limited to no more than 50% of the match. The project includes the gift of property that was given in 2016. Is that current or previous expenditure? If previous expenditure how is this grant getting to that required match?
McMath Hope - Score: 85.000

Would like to receive an update on the overall construction and planning for the museum.

Are plants are allowable expenses under this grant?

Is there a single donor match for THIS project vs. 420 for overall museum build?

What are the projected demographics of visitors?

Virtually same answer to financial stability and financial impact...these are very different, though related questions.

Overall need isn't as strong as many other applications.  There is a strong focus on LEED and descriptions of need for other phases of this museum development.  Would like more information on the audience that will be served with this component, community engagement in development of the project, etc.  The attached materials certainly speak to the need for and importance of children's museums, but I would like to have seen a stronger case for why this is this place at this time.

This grant relied very heavily on support materials with the grant itself not as strong as it could be.

VERY strong support letters.

Strong environmental answer...both in content of the exhibit and the ways in which it will be built and impact the surrounding environment.

Olson Terry - Score: 86.000

I'm confused by your match of only $125,000.  That isn't sufficient.

FYI, the "Changes in Operating Expenses" is meant to have the amounts for each year of the same kinds of expenses on one line.  A second line is for a different category, not a different line.

Townsend Kathryn - Score: 73.000
I find the budgeting for this grant to be confusing.  The request of $500,000 is 4x the amount of $125,00 being guaranteed in the request.  Although the grant reads that in an area population of 220,000 there are 420 donors, although the commitment of local corporations and foundations is not included.  I wasn't sure from the materials how the estimated 65,000 visitors for the first year were estimated.  This grant encompasses a lot of outside area over which only nature has control.  
Williams Pat - Score: 72.000
No evidence of cultural programming.