Scores and Comments

The Zoological Society of the Palm Beaches, Inc

Application Details

Proposal TypeCultural Facilities - New Construction
Request Amount
Total Score939.000
Average Score93.900

Panelist Scores

Panelist ScopeOfWork MatchingFunds ProjectImpact Total
Benson Lois 30 30 40 100
Davis LaVon Bracy 28 28 37 93
Deratany Tim 30 27 40 97
Dickenson Katharine 28 27 37 92
Fraser Towson 28 29 38 95
Lochrie Glenn 30 28 36 94
McMath Hope 26 28 36 90
Olson Terry 29 29 39 97
Townsend Kathryn 27 26 34 87
Williams Pat 28 28 38 94


Benson Lois - Score: 100.000
Excellent. Question for staff. They have carefully detailed their spending including which phases will utilize case matches and state funds. I assume their structure meets our guidelines. Yes?
Davis LaVon Bracy - Score: 93.000


This organization has a healthy and extensive list of collaborative partners that will continue to reap the benefit of the tis Zoo especially after the upgrades. The list of partners is reflective of phenomenal outreach.

Deratany Tim - Score: 97.000
{No comments provided.}
Dickenson Katharine - Score: 92.000

This grant fulfills for me a textbook quality of excellence. It is interesting, clear in purpose, shows good earned income for the Zoo, exhibits public and private support, has increasing attendance figures, explains your lofty efforts to save endangered species and has excellent letters of support. 

I very much like the "for profit mindset".

Breeding endangered species to release into the wild is an admirable Conservation goal.

Fraser Towson - Score: 95.000
{No comments provided.}
Lochrie Glenn - Score: 94.000
Well written grant. Strong Community, Financial and Environmental Statements. The support material was helpful to show a clear picture of the timelines of the different phases. This grant fits in with the stated goals of the grant program. Would have liked to hear any plans around accessibility. This grant would have benefited from estimates of the impact. How many visitors will come if the project is complete? Measurable outcomes and goals are always encouraged. Would have liked list and letters of support from organizations/schools that use the facilities. I am excited for this project and for the Division and Cultural Council to partner with this great organization.
McMath Hope - Score: 90.000

Would like to see a clearer timeline of the activities that relate directly to this grant request...planning, construction, opening, etc.

Are the 400 donors described for the match to this grant or the broader operations of the organization?

Strong message for this space.

Strong letters of support from government, but would like to see letters from audience, partner, or someone directly benefitting from such an effort.

Olson Terry - Score: 97.000
{No comments provided.}
Townsend Kathryn - Score: 87.000
{No comments provided.}
Williams Pat - Score: 94.000
{No comments provided.}